Acquisitions & Mergers

Our clients face numerous situations where they need advice regarding an acquisition of a business, or a merger with another business. SRF specialises in maximising the benefits of these types of business transactions.

SRF makes sure we get an answer to all the important questions, before any important decisions are made in this area. These can include:

  • Are you getting value out of the transactions
  • Is the deal right for you
  • Do you have the finance available
  • Have you looked into the future of the business

If these questions are not answered, you could be heading towards financial disappointment. Please come in and see your local SRF advisor, so we can make sure you have considered and thought about all the details in the business transaction.

Company Secretarial

All industries and sectors in Australia contain a need for Company Secretarial work. SRF understands that this part of business can be time consuming, which will drag you away from running your business. This is the reason our firm offers all of the company secretarial requirements that are necessary in todays heavily compliant environment. These include:

  • Business Name Registrations and Renewals
  • Organising documents for formation of new entities such as:
    • Companies
    • Trusts
    • Partnerships
    • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Amendments to Company Constitutions or Trust Deeds (including SMSF’s)
  • Applicable registrations with the ATO Including:
    • GST
    • ABN
    • TFN
    • PAYGW
    • PAYGI
    • FBT
  • Attending to ASIC requirements including:
    • Annual Company Statements
    • Detailing Minutes of Meetings\
    • Processing and Filing Statutory Documents on your Behalf
    • Maintaining all company documents, such as:
      • Director Appointments
      • Secretary Appointments
      • Member Registers
      • Share Registers
      • Address Details
    • Provide the Company with a Registered Office
  • Dealing with De-Registrations of Companies
  • Dealing with Vesting Trusts

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is where you decide and document where you want your assets to go upon your death. You’ve spent your life building your assets for your family’s future, and it’s about ensuring that your assets will pass to your intended beneficiaries and not to the ATO or other unintended beneficiaries. Effective Estate Planning ensures you can still enjoy all your assets now, but provides peace of mind knowing about the future.

SRF Chartered Accountants are able to liaise and work with your legal firm and solicitor to come up with a strategic plan to ensure all your business and taxation needs are covered in your will.

An SRF Estate Planning session will cover everything from:

  • How to provide for your family and relatives that are in need
  • Ensuring that your beneficiaries receive your assets in as little time as possible
  • Ensuring the continuity of your business (if his is your wish)
  • Working out the most cost effective way to dispose of any assets into cash
  • Minimising and tax consequences upon your death
  • Ensuring you have a comfortable retirement

Human Resources

We have noticed that employee related problems can cause our clients some of the biggest worries, and usually there are simple solutions and preventions that SRF can help with. Trying to keep up to date with relevant employee and workplace legislation can be difficult, especially when it is constantly changing. Even dealing with recruitment, development, induction and the performance appraisal of staff can take a lot of time out for a business owner.

The team at SRF can help by providing many solutions. These include:

  • Developing workplace policies and procedures that all staff must adhere to
  • Deciding on relevant awards and/or contract information for new and current employees
  • Assisting with advice on recruitment (including what media to use to market at new employees)
  • Developing a performance review plan for employees
  • Providing information from relevant legislation regarding health and safety
  • Detailing Workers Compensation requirements
  • Aligning HR strategies with the goals of the business to provide synergy
  • Help with Change Management in the business

Investment Properties

Are you getting the greatest benefit from your investment property? The team at SRF are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Investment Properties and we are able to provide you with all the tips and tricks associated with owning an investment property. We can help with all the rental property questions like:

  • How much capital gains tax will I pay
  • What’s the best structure to hold my property in
  • What happens if I go overseas
  • How can I maximise my deductions
  • Why am I paying Land Tax
  • Can I claim renovations as a deduction?

Self-managed Superannuation Funds

Everyday, more and more Australians are choosing to set up their own Superannuation Fund and take control of how their super is invested. In 2015, there were over 550,000 SMSF’s, and they held a collective balance of nearly $590 Billion in assets. Every year there are over 30,000 SMSF’s established as more people understand and reap the benefits of SMSF’s.

While setting up a SMSF can be very easy, there are admin and management responsibilities that must be adhered to in order for funds to be compliant. SRF have a dedicated team focusing on our ever growing SMSF clients. We help our clients right from the start by setting up their fund, running the yearly processing of the fund, setting up pensions and everything that is required until the fund is eventually wound up.



This information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, you should, before acting on this information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to your objectives, financial situation or needs

Succession Planning

Succession planning is all about planning for your future, and developing an exit plan for yourself in your business. While succession planning may seem like hard work and be put off by a lot of our clients, the reality is many clients feel relieved after they have had the discussion with us, and can see the plan in front of them after the meetings.

Our main goals of succession planning include:

  • Identification of all stakeholders
  • Understanding the needs of all involved
  • Creating a shared vision/purpose for all involved going forward
  • Identification of all key issues surrounding the stakeholders

Once this crucial step has been undertaken, it will be time to implement the succession plan. We can assist at every stage and ensure there is a smooth transition whilst your plan is put into place.