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Human Resources

We have noticed that employee related problems can cause our clients some of the biggest worries, and usually there are simple solutions and preventions that SRF can help with. Trying to keep up to date with relevant employee and workplace legislation can be difficult, especially when it is constantly changing. Even dealing with recruitment, development, induction and the performance appraisal of staff can take a lot of time out for a business owner.

The team at SRF can help by providing many solutions. These include:

  • Developing workplace policies and procedures that all staff must adhere to
  • Deciding on relevant awards and/or contract information for new and current employees
  • Assisting with advice on recruitment (including what media to use to market at new employees)
  • Developing a performance review plan for employees
  • Providing information from relevant legislation regarding health and safety
  • Detailing Workers Compensation requirements
  • Aligning HR strategies with the goals of the business to provide synergy
  • Help with Change Management in the business

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