Estate Planning

Estate Planning is where you decide and document where you want your assets to go upon your death. You've spent your life building your assets for your family's future, and it's about ensuring that your assets will pass to your intended beneficiaries and not to the ATO or other unintended beneficiaries. Effective Estate Planning ensures you can still enjoy all your assets now, but provides peace of mind knowing about the future.

SRF Chartered Accountants are able to liaise and work with your legal firm and solicitor to come up with a strategic plan to ensure all your business and taxation needs are covered in your will.

An SRF Estate Planning session will cover everything from:

  • How to provide for your family and relatives that are in need
  • Ensuring that your beneficiaries receive your assets in as little time as possible
  • Ensuring the continuity of your business (if his is your wish)
  • Working out the most cost effective way to dispose of any assets into cash
  • Minimising and tax consequences upon your death
  • Ensuring you have a comfortable retirement